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Monthly Zen Meditation

Monthly Zen Meditation – To Tap into the Zen State of Our Mind

Service Description

The hustle and bustle of the metropolis surely promise a vibrant setting that attracts city dwellers, but such an expeditious environment has seemingly embedded itself in our culture. With a continuous fast-paced lifestyle and an interminable list that needs to be done in such a short amount of time, feeling stressed out and anxious have become a norm in our daily life. It may seem impossible to take a pause in the midst of all that rush, but a minute of mindfulness is all that matters. Although we’re often surrounded by the hubbub of urban life, escaping such demanding reality with meditation can help you to slow down. If you have been wanting to make a change in your life, Adore Gaia Zen Meditation Classes can guide you to achieve a zen state of mind. At Adore Gaia, we have curated a series of Zen Meditations for one to train and develop a mindful way of being by cultivating non-judgmental awareness. Our sessions are perfect for any beginner to learn how to embody mindfulness and guidance on how one can consciously thrive, living on life's terms. Whether you are new to mindfulness, and meditation, have begun your own home practice, or are looking for a community to inspire consistency and establish a discipline, Adore Gaia warmly welcomes every willing client with an open heart. Guided Meditation curated by YianG • One Heart OM (OHM) Meditation • Chakra Meditation • Tarot Meditation • Crystals Meditation • Oracle Meditation • Breathing Meditation • Pyramid Meditation Benefits of Adore Gaia monthly Meditation 1. Improved focus 2. Increase the energy levels 3. Increased overall excitement and motivation 4. Less negative emotions and thinking 5. Improved logical thinking 6. Improved memory 7. Ability to think quickly 8. Being more social 9. Peak performance 10. IQ increase

  • 108 Singapore dollars
  • The Promenade @ Pelikat #01-109

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