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About Us

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At Adore Gaia, we are on a mission. To inspire people to choose products that can better for their health from our Mother Earth - GAIA. There is an intricate relationship between Us, the Earth People and Gaia. Adore Gaia wants to create sustainable Love, Care and Benefits between Fellow Beings and Gaia. Delivering sustained wellness @ Adore Gaia. Let's Adore Gaia!

Our Values

Sustainable Benefits

Sustainable Love and Care for fellow Being

Sustainable Love and Care for Planet Earth – Let’s Adore Gaia!

1) Health supplements to Rebalance, Rejuvenate and Re-aligned your Well-Being.

2) Healthy Gummies for the young and old. “Ditched the unhealthy sweets”.


and Services

3) Natural and Clean Skincare products to boost your true beauty. Adore Gaia aspires to offer the purest of formulations.

4) Alternative Healing Therapies that engaged Crystals, Sound Frequencies, Bioresonance Therapy, Reiki Energetic, Heat and Light Waves Therapy. 

5) Quantum Body Assessment to explore deep into your overall health and rebalancing it and Awakened your Intelligent Body. Rebuilt your health from the inside out with Adore Gaia.

6) Group Meditation and Sound Healings Classes available on a monthly basis for interactions, personal growth and support with like-minded individuals in our Adore Gaia Tribe.


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