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NEVER cook these foods in aluminum foil

Do you use aluminum foil when you cook? Most people do.

Believe it or not, aluminum leaches into food when you cook things in it. If enough builds up in your body it can harm your brain in the same way certain antiperspirants can. If you cook with aluminum foil frequently, I urge you to do a Quantum Assessment Analysis on your body's heavy metal. Click below picture to know more information and reservation.

Aluminum, like other heavy metals, increases electro hypersensitivity symptoms.

How much aluminum leaches into your food really depends on what you’re cooking. For instance, you should NEVER cook these foods in Aluminum foil:

• Lemon juice

• Lime juice

• Vinegar

• Tomatoes

• Rhubarb

• Most fruits

• Pickles

• Fermented foods (kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, sour cream, etc.)

• Beer

• Wine

Acidic foods like these can break down aluminum foil and cause extra aluminum ions to leach into your meal. Aluminum pots and pans are no better.

One study found that steaming vegetables in an aluminum pot caused so much aluminum to leach into the food that it would have exposed the person eating it to 170x the safe weekly limit. Another study found that tomato puree, sauerkraut juice, and applesauce all caused significant aluminum leaching.

That’s why if you cook with aluminum foil, you should really get tested to see if your levels are too high. Don’t worry – you don’t have to get blood work done to find out if you have a toxic amount of Aluminum in your body. This heavy metal and mineral test is one of the easiest ways to test for heavy metals that heighten EMF sensitivity and related symptoms. It’s easy to take, completely non-invasive, and absolutely no side effects. No needles. No spit. Nothing gross.

Aluminum is a dangerous heavy metal hiding in plain sight. It’s no joke. Don’t find out the hard way that you have high levels of it. Get the information you need to protect your brain before it gets damaged.

Click here to get tested for Aluminum, Lead, Mercury, & more now. Above picture shows a brief glimpse of how the report looks like.

To Our Wellness,


The Adore Gaia Team

PS – Trust me when I say, you want to know if you have high levels of aluminum and other heavy metals in your body.

Aluminum has been linked to brain issues and even some forms of bone disease.

Don’t be in the dark — go here and get tested for Aluminum before it’s too late!

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