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The truth of blisters after moxibustion! How to deal with it ?


Recently, many of our clients have blisters in the process of moxibustion, followed by fear and worry. Traditional Chinese medicine experts point out that blisters appear on the skin during moxibustion. This is not scalding, but moxibustion flowers. Blisters appear during moxibustion, indicating that you have heavy moisture in your body. However, the same blisters represent different degrees of moisture and the evolution of moisture into other diseases. It is not what some western medicine experts claim: blisters from moxibustion are burns and scalds. Blister rupture will produce true bacterial suppuration, and spots will appear after suppuration. When consulting moxibustion flowers, we should find a professional moxibustion therapist of traditional Chinese medicine instead of consulting western medicine, otherwise it will mislead the treatment of diseases.

Today, let's talk about the dialectics and treatment of blisters after moxibustion.

We have Just mentioned that blisters are moxibustion flowers, so what is moxibustion flowers?

The photo on the left shows a moxibustion flower.

The ancients said "moxibustion flower" is also moxibustion sore, that is, the local damage caused by moxibustion. The suppurative state of moxibustion sore is called "hair". In ancient times, the ancients paid special attention to whether moxibustion sore occurred or not. For example, the book of changes on acupuncture and moxibustion (Qing Dynasty) said: "moxibustion sores must occur, and removing diseases is like grasping". Therefore, in ancient times, various methods were even used to promote the initiation of moxibustion, which can cure serious diseases.

Many moxibustion customers asked again, why do moxibustion flowers appear?

Moxibustion (sore) is actually the evil Qi (邪气) in the body. It is a manifestation of expelling the evil Qi in our body. It is often manifested as blistering or even pus. When moxibustion with the same firepower, the place with lesions will be more sensitive than other places, and will feel hotter, more painful and more irritating. For example, when moxibusting the back, if you have stomach disease, the position of the stomach acupoints will be more painful than other places, and it is easier to have moxibustion flowers. This is a hint that you have disease in this place or this meridian. In some cases, moxibustion flower is a standard to judge whether the disease is cured. Some people even think that it can eliminate the evil of the disease and achieve the effect only after moxibustion to pus and sore.

Moxibustion flowers usually show local small blisters or a small amount of pus in the blisters. Don't be too alarmed when this happens. Moxibustion is different from scald. Moxibustion flowers are large or small blisters caused by heavy moisture and cold in the body and blocked meridians. There is a channel for evil Qi to be discharged from the body. Moxibustion flowers are this channel.

Different colors of moxibustion flower blisters represent different conditions!

1. If the blister is transparent and colorless, it means that the body is too cold and wet.

2. If the blister is yellow and has a certain peculiar smell, it means that the body is seriously depressed.

3. If the blister is a blood sample, it means that there is severe dampness and inflammation in the body.

4. The itchy place of moxibustion represents the serious wind evil (邪风)in this part.

After the blisters appear from moxibustion, most people have slight pain, while some people don't feel any pain. After encountering blisters, don't be afraid. You can continue moxibustion at the blister position. After several times, the blisters will burst by themselves. After breaking, moxibustion can still be continued until scabs are formed. After scabs are formed, moxibustion can also be applied. At this time, liquid substances will penetrate from under the scabs. The above manifestations are the disease elimination reaction after moxibustion, and most of the liquid substances flowing out are the waste of human stasis.

The continuous outflow of these wastes will accelerate the recovery of the body, so it is a good thing! Blisters will not fester after they appear, so there is generally no need for anti-inflammatory liquid disinfection. If you use antibiotics to eliminate inflammation, you will force the evil that has just begun to be discharged back into your body. The gain is not worth the loss. At this time, you should believe in your body's self-healing ability. It won't take long. After the blister breaks, it will soon scab, and basically there will be no suppuration and inflammation. However, if the patient's wound is exposed to water, unclean substances or moves in an unclean environment, it is another matter.

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