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What is EMF?

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs)—also referred to as "radiation"—are invisible areas of energy that are produced by electricity. Common sources include power lines, cell phones, and microwaves.

Electromagnetic radiation covers the entire body, affecting each of its cells, destroying DNA strands and the immune system, changing the course of natural metabolic processes, leading to inability to remove toxins from the body, which can lead to serious diseases.

Adore Gaia Karjala Plates can protect against EMF for two reasons.

1. It ABSORBS EMF radiation.

2. It REFLECTS EMF fields.

These properties are called radio shielding properties.

EMF wave is both an electric and a magnetic field. In Karjala Plates, these two qualities are present at the same time for real EMF blocking.

How does using Adore Gaia Karjala plate works?

Our Karjala plate has electrical conductivity. The electrically conductive Karjala plate is able to shield electromagnetic radiation of ultrahigh frequencies.

Karjala is an EMF protective stone, it is a natural composite that has the properties of absorption and dispersion of EMF waves. These protective properties are associated with its unusual structure. The structure of Karjala is a quartz matrix (made of silicon dioxide) inside which carbon flakes are scattered. This is a special carbon of the highest allotropic form containing fullerenes and other nanoparticles. In addition, the quartz matrix is doped with micro-sized metals. Therefore, Karjala can block EMF radiation.

Video shows how true Karjala conducts electricity, which is a very rare quality for stones. Conduction is an important property that can distinguish true Karjala from fake ones.

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