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Moxa Therapy

A Heat Therapy. Used on people who have a cold or stagnant body conditions.

Service Description

Moxibustion is a healing technique entailing the burning of a moxa plant or herb near or over an acupuncture point to boost the flow of energy or Qi and blood to alleviate pain and accelerate the process of healing. Believed to originate in China around 500 BC, the treatment was designed to address chronic conditions on patients. Many alternative health practitioners find it extremely effective in treating knee arthritis and low back pain too. There are two types of Moxibustion Treatment. Direct and indirect. Adore Gaia Healing protocol uses indirect therapy. Using moxa pole, which is shaped like a cigar, the pole is burned and held from the skin an inch or two away. Above the acupoint, the pole’s burning tip is moved in motion (depending on which acupoint) until the treatment sites get a little warm and red. Our experienced therapist will allow the therapeutic effects of oils and heat from the moxa to go through the skin without burning the skin. Independent of the heat, the oils have properties that penetrate and stimulate blood. Highly recommend for people with poor blood circulation, cold limbs, Back and/or knee pain, cold womb, etc. What are its benefits? Pain management- The heat from the moxa therapy can help to improve circulation, blood and lymph flow to areas of the body, reducing pain and inflammation. Decreases healing times of Injuries- When more blood, Qi, and Lymph are brought to areas of the body that are in pain or injured, healing times are reduced, and more mobility is seen. Improves Arthritic pain Improvements in Headaches/ Decrease in Migraines Boosts immunity/ Protection against flus and colds Improvements from digestive complaint Vitality Boosting/Longevity promoting benefits Benefits Gynecological issues/ Menstrual pain- Moxa is often used on specific points throughout the body to help alleviate symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle. This herb has an affinity toward the uterus. Turning Breech position of fetus- One of Moxas most well-known indications is to help turn breech position babies during pregnancy. This simple and effective technique is highly regarded within gynecology. Precautions Children should NOT get moxibustion. People with high fever, excess heat, yin deficiency, or high blood pressure, should not receive Moxa therapy. Moxa should not be applied to the abdomen or lumbar sacral area of a pregnant woman.

  • 2 hr 30 min
  • From 300 Singapore dollars
  • The Promenade @ Pelikat #01-109

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us @ at least 3 days in advance. Less than 3 days notification of cancellation, 50% of the payment will be forfeited. Less than 24hrs cancellation will subject to full payment of the service.

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  • 183 Jalan Pelikat, Singapore